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Yhe shrewd baker


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    Yhe shrewd baker

    In the enchanted kingdom of Joyfulbread, where the scent of fresh bread blended with the air like a sweet melody, every inhabitant harbored an immense passion for tenderbread, a loaf of unparalleled softness and flavor, produced solely in the most famous bakery of the realm. The Queen, a woman of rare beauty and wisdom, was among the most fervent admirers of this delicacy, yet unaware of the dark secret behind its creation.

    The heart of the mystery beat within the bakery of a baker as skilled as he was greedy, who had discovered an unorthodox method to create his bread: he coaxed a group of cats into kneading the flour night and day with sweet enticements. These felines, with their nimble paws, were the true architects of the bread’s unique texture, but lived in conditions of sheer exploitation.

    The turning point came when the Prince of Joyfulbread, a young man of adventurous spirit and noble heart, fell hopelessly in love with Luna, the baker's daughter, whose smile he had glimpsed while she delivered bread to the castle. This love, forbidden by the rigid social divide between the royal family and common citizens, drove the Prince to seek a way to get closer to Luna.

    One night, under the pretext of wanting to uncover the secret of the tenderbread to impress his beloved, the Prince sneaked into the bakery. It was then, hidden in the shadows, he discovered the truth about the exploitation of the cats. While attempting to free them, an unexpected fall of a flour sack trapped him, risking suffocation under its weight.

    It was at this critical moment that the cats, grateful for his attempt to free them, came together in a remarkable display of solidarity. With agility and coordination, they managed to free the Prince, proving that even the smallest and underestimated can perform acts of great courage and loyalty.

    Saved by his new feline friends, the Prince revealed everything to the Queen. With her heart filled with gratitude towards the cats and indignation for the baker's actions, she made a radical decision. The bakery was requisitioned and placed under the kingdom's management, and regulations were established to ensure the well-being of all animals.

    To honor the Prince's courage and the irreplaceable contribution of the cats, the Queen announced the marriage between the Prince and Luna, breaking down social barriers and uniting the kingdom in a celebration of love, equality, and justice. Moreover, she established that every year the "Feast of Tenderbread and Cats" would be held, during which every home would leave out a bowl of milk for the cats, and bread would be freely shared among all the inhabitants.

    And so, the kingdom of Joyfulbread flourished like never before, with its citizens and their feline friends living in harmony, always remembering the night when courage and love triumphed over greed and injustice, and bread became a symbol of unity and happiness for all.